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Noise and Vibration Control

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Major Equipment:

  • SONY 8 Channel DAT Recorder
  • B&K PULSE and OROS 8 Channel FFT & CPB Analyser
  • B&K PULSE with Envelope Analysis, Balancing, Order Analysis and Time Data Recorder
  • Polytec PDV 100 Laser Vibrometer
  • Polytec RLV 5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer
  • Polytec 500B Scanning Laser Vibrometer
  • B&K Hydrophones, Accelerometers, MIcrophones and Tachoprobes
  • Montronix Acoustic Emission System 
  • National Instruments Data Acquisition Cards 
  • B&K Modal Excitation System
  • B&K Whole Body Vibration Analyzer
  • B&K Vibration Meters and Calibration systems 
  • B&K Audio and Power Amplifiers
  • B&K Sound Level Meters, Sound Intensity Analyser
  • B&K Acoustical Holography System
  • B&K Head and Torso Simulator with PULSE Sound Quality Suite
  • Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker and slip table with shock, vibration and road simulation capability
  • Yokogawa Portable 16 Channel Scope Recorder
  • 2 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • B&K Underwater accelerometers
  • Underwater acoustic pinger
  • Tektronix Current Probes, Oscilloscopes and Power Analyzer
  • SONY IP and Video Cameras
  • SpectraQuest Machinery Fault Simulator and Drivetrain diagnostics simulator
  • Measurements Group Strain Indicators and Amplifiers
  • Stanford Research Systems Signal Generator and Filter Set 
  • ASTM E-1050 Acoustical Impedance Measurement System
  • SAE J1400 Transmission Loss Measurement Setup
  • Instrumented SI Engine-Eddy Current Dynamometer-Control Panel Setup
  • Underwater acoustic tank